episode必赢棋牌: 8

Life is a way towards directly to death. We always want to see what if I have done or not done something what will I look like now? will I be happier will I live better?But maybe unsatisfied is not a state but a property of human being——u see even if Jerry has been a movie star and lived a life that everybody envies. He still has his pain and eager that can’t be fulfill in his own parallel life.

必赢棋牌,At first I find Chris hard to understand, and then I realize he has something I don’t have. Actually we have a lot in common. I just think that one can still live his ideal life in a society if he’s mentally free. Civilization is not that evil. At least philosophy and science help us better understand the world and make us live longer and healthier. Our mind can be free even though our body is trapped. I still want the truth, rather than money, fame, fairness and everything. I want to get along with fear and loneliness, since I know I’ll get a lot of them if I want to live a conscious life. In the movie, Chris says don’t try to be strong, feel strong. I understand his tears and agree with his idealism. I just think it’s better to be alive and live physically well to make those ideas realized.

If this is a truth maybe we should start a class to teach people how to feel happy and satisfied. More happiness less pain.

“The core of human spirit comes from new experiences.” “You are wrong if you think the joy of life comes principally from human relationships. God’s placed it all around us. It’s in everything, in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at these things.” I was much relieved when I heard him say this. I think of all my indulgence. It’s like my whole world is centered on my feelings towards a relationship. But that’s not true. All my sufferings are real, but those are only clouds that are passing by and I’ve got a whole sky.

Beth said that I thought what we have done is for our child but we just never gave her anything. So we’d better cherish each other to prove that the choice without abortion is right.

Chris is so loved by many people. They want to help him, do a lot of things for him. They know his master plan and insights on life. Chris is kind and nice. He also believes in helping people in need. He said killing the cow was the biggest mistake he made in life. He gave his last quarter to the man next to him at the phone booth so that that man can finish his call. He donated all his savings to the charity. There’s no reason I don’t love this guy. He is too good to be true.

episode必赢棋牌: 8。Not every child was born with blessing. Better to say, we want to make babies less fear of the realistic world so we make up many romantic stories to tell them. And when they find out the truth of the world they will fell despair and anger

“Happiness is only real when shared.” My tears are salty.

.“we bury ourselves. I want to say that life is just so and we all will die. Come on let’s watch tv

.“this world still has hope despite so much despair.”

That’s one of greatness of human being, I think——people never totally lose hope.

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