看完这部电影之后就已经在心中给它打了一个分: 2012年最佳电影.

      As an American writer, elocutionist, Mark Twain influences the literary circle and thewhole world with his extraordinary work. His original name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens.Mark Twainis his pseudonym, which was the term used by the sailors in Mississippi to express the depth of the water measured on the channel. When he was 12 years old, his father passed away, leaving him alone to drop out from school. He worked as an unskilled laborer. Later he changed many professionals such as a navigator in Mississippi, a miner, and a correspondent. Gradually he began to record some interesting short act thus started his writing career. Through all his life,Mark Twaincreated massive of works, concerning novel, play, prose and poetry. His representative works areThe Million Pound Bank Note,Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, andThe adventures of Tom Sawyer.Mark Twainis the founder of Realistic Criticism Literary.

  1. The sense of hunger is the most obvious and important need of human. 正是人们没有吃的或者只有一点点有限的食物,人们才会为生命会受到最底线的饥饿感威胁而作出残忍也是处于最本能的行动.例如影片中为抢夺生存的物料而拼得你死我活,才会有少年派中派与老虎争夺食物,电影最后给出的两个结局也是因食物而起. 才会有60年的自然灾荒大人吃小孩的传说. 人们在食物面前更别提精美诱人的食物面前,已经完全败下阵来,对大多数人几乎呈现出降服感和顶礼膜拜的态度.难怪Woody Allen就说过这样一句话:"为什么人类会相互残杀?人们为了食物而杀戮。而且不仅仅为了食物,还常常必须有饮料。"

  2. Kill or to be Killed for grasping food or better life. 杀与背杀不仅是为了争夺食物,还可以是各种资源.这是在当今社会中或者更广泛的说是生存的一条法则: 适者生存,强者胜利.

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The bank note

凯文 加内特说芝加哥这座城市改变了他的一生,无论是NBA球场上还是场下,他说从南方搬到北方后,发现北方人比南方人凶狠好斗,没有人会给于你任何恩惠,所有东西都要靠自己争取.因为如果不这样做的话,可能就看不到明天的太阳了,如果不能了解这座城市,不能找到自己的定位,就会很快陷入窘境.他说他大概花了1年的世界去弄明白一个道理:在球场上,根本没人在乎你是谁,你从哪里来.

      Why did he write this novel? We can see some reflection in his own experience. Born poor and severe, he worked with perseverance and commitment. So the protagonist himself is striving for life before meeting that“good luck”. Connected with all the horizon of the writer himself, the novel is composed on the background of the author’s era, the gold fever.

无论是个人,还是公司企业,抑或大到国家, 就如同在球场上,在学校,在职场上,仿佛人生下来就是为面对各种竞争而时刻准备着,除非你提前退场,除非你对名利毫不在乎,除非你出污泥而不染,除非你有不同的想法和价值观,否则社会就是一个大染缸,就是一个竞技场,每个人都是一名角斗士,就如影片中的女主角一样,她犹豫彷徨过,麻木过,还是被惯性推着奔跑,为生存奔跑.

      Narrated through first person perspective, the story tells us a sarcastic personal experience. Let me put it into the third person perspective. Two wealthy brothers living in the Britain society, they always find something interesting to argue about and make a bet. As we all know about the old saying:“Nothing can’t be settled by a bet”. There exists a million bank note not being canceled by the authority together with the other, the same one made for some special purpose such as public transaction with a foreign country. The two brothers want to see how this unconverted bank note work in he hand of an honest and poor man. Quickly they find their target and they make a bet and make their plan work perfectly without any interruption. The man, holding this bank note, borrows, consumes and obtains many things, food, clothes, accommodation and fame. He becomes a heat in the city and on the press. One day he goes to the American minister to fulfill his duty. Amazingly he meets his beloved girl. And also his old friend. He tells his story to his girl and promises that he will earn enough salary to give her a good life. Knowing his experience, the girl snickers for some certain reason. His friend is admirable of his good fortune and plead to lend him some money and let Henry to do some business in his company. Finally Henry makes a deposit of 200,000 pound. When the day comes to visit the wealthy brothers and return back the bank note, Henry bring his beloved girl with him. He knows eventually one of the man is the girl’s step-father. That’s why the girl laughs when hearing his story. Henry will marry this girl. That’s the end of this story.

  1. He is watching us. Yes, God is reign and in control of everything.
    上帝创造了我们,创造了万物,他是至高全能的掌权者.他并没有给于人类各种已有的制度规则,He does not create law and rules for us, but people do. 人类仿佛自己很聪明,想要控制一场游戏的结局,在建立和制定各种游戏规则,而且规则制定者还强迫其他人要参与到这场游戏中,他们在欣赏普通人是怎么玩这场游戏,而且他们已经事先知道这场游戏的结果. 我们普通人无非需要表现得如同电影中的女主角一样努力让自己受到他们的喜欢,尽管她不喜欢这样游戏,但不这样做,连喘息的机会都不会有.这就是游戏的本质.看到电影中那些穿着奇装怪服的观看者,让我时刻去思考这些人的身份.

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最后从维基百科上看到导演解说的电影主题也正好映衬我对这部电影的理解: (from wiki)
In an interview with Collins, it was noted that the novel "tackles issues like severe poverty, starvation, oppression, and the effects of war among others."[必赢棋牌,5] The novel deals with the struggle for self-preservation that the people of Panem face in their districts and the Hunger Games in which they must participate.[1] The citizens' starvation and their need for resources, both in and outside of the arena, create an atmosphere of helplessness that the main characters try to overcome in their fight for survival.

The brothers

"The rules are arbitrary, unfathomable, and subject to sudden change. A brutal social hierarchy prevails, with the rich, the good-looking, and the athletic lording their advantages over everyone else. To survive you have to be totally fake. Adults don't seem to understand how high the stakes are; your whole life could be over, and they act like it's just some "phase"! Everyone's always watching you, scrutinizing your clothes or your friends and obsessing over whether you're having sex or taking drugs or getting good enough grades, but no one cares who you really are or how you really feel about anything."

The brothers :Wealthy people are always finding some recreation from his life. They squander their fortune and at all kinds of ways they quest fulfillment in life. The bothers are people of this kind. They can’t get their satisfaction from the boring life. So they search for new tricks. How can I understand their mental stage? But actually I find this plan worth trying. They are interesting men. Ordinary people in this world are miraculous and unpredictable. These two brothers, through trial and error, they test how Henry will react toward this unexpected fortune. They creates this great temptation for little Henry. But actually this cheque can’t be converted. That’s what really matters. A big fortune that can not be used means the daydream of thousands of Americans. They want to get money in a distant graciously but absolutely they get nothing at all. This is a dilemma for Henry and thousands of Americans. The bothers are people who can decide the fate of ordinary people.. More importantly, they are the rule makers. They make this trap and entertain themselves. But through this they see how competent the people are faced with abnormal conditions. So the brother are the winner for their discovery---men are capable in all miserable conditions.

Further, she finds that the Christian image of the Bread of Life is used throughout The Hunger Games; in the story, Peeta gives Katniss a loaf of bread, saving the girl and her family from starvation.

Herry :With courage and perseverance, Henry emboldens himself and makes himself competent in many aspects. That’s the hidden cue why Henry can make it in the difficulty situations. The little Henry, a combination of luck and adversity, a practice of the brothers’plan, works out the somewhat a trick perfectly. This bank note gives him courage and strength. He knows he must survive from hungry and cold to prove that the trick is absolutely a fake that is destined to fail. He borrows food, everything he needs using this unreal cheque. I can’t understand what kind of mental stage drives him to be so confident that he believes he can pay back what he owes after a month. He is not afraid of being seized on the spot at all. But here’s the first reason, he’s helpless and he has no choice. He must take his chance to get some food to stuff his hole-like stomach. He shouldn’t die of starvation. Second, he hold the will to prove the brothers’trick. Third, Henry, himself, accumulates enough skills to support himself. His is not scared om front of misfortune. He trusts himself. He know he can make it when his friend proposes to do a business. So he really make it and make it successfully, which wins the admiration from the brothers and his beloved girl. So opportunities are everywhere, be prepared at any condition for fear that it may slip away without your noticing.

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The Friend :Don’t regret about your choice. Everyone has his own fate and his own fortune. You won’t be the second Henry. There also won’t be some wealthy people who want to play the same trick on you.

      A good story reveals the common life and arouses our common feeling. This a marvelous middle page novel, reveling some social phenomenon---people’s lust for wealth under the Gold Fever. The author himself is a member of these common people, searching for bills and good fortune. But fortunately he can write with his pen, which similarly makes him good reputation and big wealth.

So, in a word, there’s no such a thing as a free lunch, you should either have the talent or the endeavor for good life. Good luck for you all !