In UAE, Careem Will Pay Users 1 Dirham For Every Further Minute They Wait For Orders

In UAE, Careem Will Pay Users 1 Dirham For Every Further Minute They Wait For Orders

The popular super app Careem’s food delivery division, Careem Food, has introduced an intriguing new campaign that rewards customers for placing late orders. Along with this offer, Careem also disclosed a collaboration with Dubai Parks and Resorts that would provide Day Pass customers access to a free transportation service.

Details of the Cashback Promotion:

  • Validity, From May 8 to June 8, the cashback deal is in effect.
  • Customers are eligible for a maximum reward of AED 10 per order.
  • The order becomes late if the actual delivery time is more than one minute later than the predicted delivery time shown on the app.
  • The customer’s Careem Pay wallet receives the cashback amount as payment.
  • Exclusion, The cashback promotion¬†does not apply to restaurants with “basic tracking” capabilities.

In addition to the cashback campaign, Careem and Dubai Parks and Resorts have joined to provide a complimentary transportation service to and from the theme park.

Details of the Ride on Us Program:

  • Eligibility, Owners of Day Passes are eligible for the “Ride on Us” service.
  • Free transfers are available for Day Pass holders who want to travel to and from Dubai Parks and Resorts.
  • Validity, As long as the visitor has bought at least four park tickets, the two-way transfer is acceptable from any location in Dubai.

Such programmes reflect Careem’s dedication to raising customer satisfaction and giving its customers more benefits.

Careem wants to improve the whole customer experience and further establish its place as the top super app in the area by providing rebates for late orders and a handy free transport service.

Customers may benefit from the “Ride on Us” campaign and the Careem Food cashback incentive to take advantage of delectable meals and hassle-free transportation when visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts.

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