Installment Plans For Yamaha Bikes Without Any Markup, Full Details

Installment Plans For Yamaha Bikes Without Any Markup, Full Details

Due to the nation’s looming financial disaster the inflation rate in Pakistan is rapidly increasing. Yamaha motorbikes providing a 0% markup payment plan at this point are a godsend.

It is difficult to be from Pakistan and not know Yamaha. When compared to other bikes, Yamaha bikes stand out for their superior quality, stellar reputation, and high resale value.

Every product tag has a price increase due to inflation, currency depreciation, and the inability to open LCS. In order to deal with the current state of the nation and make their automobiles unaffordable, this two-wheeler manufacturer recently raised rates.

To your surprise, however, we discovered the Yamaha payment programme, which allows anyone to purchase a new bike with simple installments.

Yamaha’s Easy Monthly Installment Plan is available.

  • Bikes :
    • YB-125Z – YB-125Z DX – YBR-125 – YBR-125G (Black/Red) – YBR-125G (Grey/Orange)
  • Price (PKR) :
    • 356,000 – 381,500 – 391,500 – 407,000 – 410,000
  • 50% Down Payment :
    • 178,000 – 190,750 – 195,750 – 203,500 – 205,000
  • Monthly InstallmentĀ (PKR) :
    • 14,833 – 15,895 – 16,312 – 16,958 – 17,083

Every city in Pakistan will benefit from this plan. The buyer will be relieved by receiving a new bike at a reasonable price, and Yamaha will also win more clients with this marketing plan and be able to maintain their place in the market. Therefore, this news is undoubtedly the ideal resolution for all sides.

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