Moon Could Feed 16 Billion People For 50,000 Years With Enough Oxygen

Moon Could Feed 16 Billion People For 50,000 Years With Enough Oxygen

Scientists recently discovered that the atmosphere of the moon includes a large amount of oxygen in addition to neon, argon, and hydrogen. In addition to existing in gaseous form, regolith, the layer of rock and dust that covers the surface of the moon, also contains trapped oxygen. This discovery is consistent with rising expenditures on space travel and the advancement of space technology.

According to a data provided by the Australian Space Agency, the top layer of the moon contains enough oxygen to sustain a population of 16 billion people for up to 50,000 years.

According to the article, our lungs cannot reach many other minerals that are all around us and may contain oxygen as well, therefore they are unable to use them. In addition, the moon has oxygen in a form that the human body can readily react to and is composed of the same minerals and rocks as the earth.

The Australian government agency and NASA have agreed to deploy a rover to the moon this year in order to gather lunar rocks for the production of breathable oxygen.

We will be able to learn more about this explored truth by the end of 2050 since space application services intend to transport some reactors to the Moon by that time.

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