Now, Electric Bikes Will Deliver Your McDonald’s

Now, Electric Bikes Will Deliver Your McDonald’s

With the use of electric bikes, VLEKTRA and McDonald’s will offer a more healthier delivery service. With the help of this partnership, McDonald’s Pakistan will be able to deliver orders for customers while reducing its carbon impact.Now, Electric Bikes Will Deliver Your McDonald’s

McDonald’s Pakistan and VLEKTRA both posted a picture on their respective Instagram stories to announce their relationship.

We will soon be bringing you happiness in a way that is environmentally friendly with the support of V.lektra.

That word “Contract” appeared beside an emoji of a green check.

According to the Instagram story posted by VLEKTRA and McDonald’s Pakistan, the fast-food restaurant chain may be considering switching to e-bikes for delivery services.

This action supports McDonald’s Pakistan’s mission to promote environmental responsibility and reduce their carbon impact.

The lithium-ion-based electric bike manufacturer VLEKTRA is situated in Pakistan and produces electric motorcycles. Currently, the firm sells three distinct bike types to the general public.

It is laudable that VLEKTRA and McDonald’s Pakistan are working together to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practises in the nation’s fast-food sector. E-bikes will now be used to transport orders.

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