On May 22, The First Female Astronaut From Saudi Arabia Is Heading Into Space

On May 22, The First Female Astronaut From Saudi Arabia Is Heading Into Space

This will be the first mission for Saudi Arabia’s new astronaut project, and it will take around 10 days to go to the orbiting laboratory.

As part of a six-month mission, they plan to commission the station alongside UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi.
Nearly 40 years have passed since the monarchy sent Sultan bin Salman, its first resident, into orbit on NASA’s Spacecraft for a seven-day stay.

The first Arab woman to fly on the ISS will be MS Barnawi. In August of the previous year, Egyptian engineer Sara Sabry, who was travelling on a Blue Origin space tourism aircraft, became the first Arab woman in space.

Saudi Space Commission, the nation’s space agency, is presently working to define a manageable space project. The first among multiple astronauts that Saudi Arabia intends to attract are MS Barnaw and MR Al Qarni.

Long-duration space missions are something the Saudi Space Commission’s head of microgravity study, Mishaal Ashemimry, mentioned last month.
We certainly strive to have long-term tasks that take advantage of the microgravity environment.

In doing so, we’re going to educate a lot of astronauts while collaborating with a lot of local organisations to do a lot of research.In addition, we will continue to support our global research partnerships in fields including physical science to human health related to microgravity.

The two Saudi astronauts will carry out many science projects that Saudi organisations have assigned to them during their mission.

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