Speech By Mia Khalifa At Prestigious Oxford

Speech By Mia Khalifa At Prestigious Oxford

Mia Khalifa, a former adult movie actress who is now a prominent social media figure, was recently asked to give a speech at the esteemed Oxford University.

She discussed the uncertain state of the adult company sector and expressed sorrow for having joined it. Currently, Mia Khalifa is a sports pundit and an advocate for women’s rights.

She thanked the Oxford Student Union on Twitter for inviting her and providing her the chance to create a priceless experience that she may share with her children in the future. She evaluated the university’s commitment to making a “genuine change” in the world, its reputation as a renowned institution, and the impressive lineup of speakers who had been invited.

The influencer said that she felt like a member of Oxford’s Gryffindor House.

Given her prior experiences, people’s reactions to asking Mia Khalifa to speak have been divided. While some persons exhibited extreme optimism, others displayed extreme dismay. Mia Khalifa, however, responds to the trolls by noting that whatever she did, it got her to Oxford.

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