With An IQ Higher Than Einstein’s And Hawking’s, A 11 Year Old Mexican Girl Got A Master’s Degree

With An IQ Higher Than Einstein’s And Hawking’s, A 11 Year Old Mexican Girl Got A Master’s Degree

Adhara Pérez Sánchez, an impressive 11-year-old from Mexico City, is on track to achieve an incredible feat: getting her Master’s degree at such a young age.

Despite the difficulties brought on by autism, Adhara has shown a great capacity for learning and outstanding intelligence. She has established herself as an intellectual prodigy, with an IQ of 162, which is greater than the likes of renowned physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

The incredible journey and achievements of Adhara have sparked curiosity all across the world. She hopes to work for NASA in the future, fusing her love of mathematics with space travel.

In cooperation with the Mexican Space Agency, she is currently actively involved in promoting these subjects to young pupils. Adhara’s commitment and tenacity at such a young age are quite amazing.

Adhara was given the diagnosis of autism at the age of three. Autism is a developmental disease that can make it difficult for people to communicate and engage with one another. She encountered extra difficulties when she was growing up in the economically underprivileged Tláhuac neighbourhood, such as bullying because of her developmental impairment. Nayeli Sánchez, Adhara’s mother, revealed that she met a lack of understanding and endured mockery from others at this time.

However, as Adhara became aware of her remarkable intellectual ability, her path took a dramatic turn. She overcame the challenges she encountered thanks to her extraordinary brains and unyielding will. Adhara attained great successes at a very early age as a result of Nayeli Sánchez’s encouragement in pursuing her academic pursuits after seeing her daughter Adhara’s potential.

Adhara began her academic career by earning a systems engineering degree from CNCI University. She persisted, obtaining a second degree in industrial engineering with a mathematics emphasis from the Technological University of Mexico. Her extraordinary intellectual prowess and voracious hunger for knowledge are demonstrated by her accomplishments.

For people all across the world, Adhara Pérez Sánchez’s life stands as an example of the power of the human spirit and ability to overcome obstacles. Her experience serves as a helpful reminder of the importance of supporting young people in their skill and ability development, despite whatever developmental challenges they may suffer.

Adhara’s enthusiasm for space exploration and desire to work for NASA further emphasise the need of supporting and nurturing young brains in their aspirations.

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